Thesis research projects already done:

  • Effects of oestrogen on the histological structures of ‘Genital system’ of adult male albino rat.
  • The anatomy of vascular segmentation of kidney in human being.
  • A study of the anatomical variations of the internal mammary artery and the prevalence of atherosclerosis in it.
  • A comparative study of morphology of placenta and insertion of umbilical cord in hypertensive and normotensive subjects.
  • A study of coronary collateral circulation in coronary heart disease.
  • Study of hepatic veins anatomy on single slice spiral CT.
  • Echocardiographic study of normatics of mitral valve.
  • Study of the hepatobiliary tree anatomy on MRCP.

On going research projects:

  • Study of left ventricular mass and its determinants on echocardiography.
  • Morphometric analysis of corpus callosum on MRI study.
  • Fetal femur length as a predictor of gestational age.
  • Variations in the pattern of brachial plexus and its branches.
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