Dept has well established biophysical lab where we have double beam oscilloscope, double channel biograph recorder and biofeed back system. As per MCI syllabi following practicals were demonstrated to MBBS students

  • Recording of action potential and its properties like twin stimuli and increasing frequency are demonstrated on oscilloscope to the students (median nerve)
  • ECG (12 leads) is demonstrated on biograph recorder and students are advised to calculate various time periods and voltages from ECG
  • EEG (single channel) is demonstrated and recorded on biograph recorder to make students aware about < & B waves
  • EMG (global picture) is recorded on biograph recorder during extension and flexion of bicep/triceps muscle
  • EOG is recorded to specify its significance during sleep
  • GSR is recorded on biofeedback system to check the sympathetic mass discharge.
  • To make students more informative about biopotentials, they were shown various videos during tutorial class.



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