Achievements of Dr. P. C Negi Prof and Head Department of Cardiology;

Establishing Department of Cardiology in IGMC;

  • Played a Key Role in establishing Department of Cardiology from scratch to present day state of department with facilities for Invasive and noninvasive services, started DM cardiology Training programme since 2011.

Improving quality of Care in CVD in HP;

  • Established web enhanced multicenter HP ACS Registry since 2011 linking govt. and Private sectors hospitals to generate information to identify the barriers in delivering quality care and making recommendations to Department of health and family planning Govt. of HP.
  • Established Sustainable NCD risk Surveillance in District Kinnaur being implemented by District Health department since 2014. To monitor and evaluateNCD control programme.

Personnel achievements;

  • Member of Expert panel of ICMR PRC for technical review of Research projects in the field of Cardiovascular medicine.
  • Appointed as Academic Coordinator of IGMC
  • Appointed as Chairman of Research Council of IGMC
  • Successfully completed Public health leadership and Professional development Programme of one year course from Emory University Atlanta Funded by NIH in May 2014 selected through rigors process of selection conducted by Public Health foundation Of India.

Research Achievements;

  • As a Principle Investigator designed and developed research Project on; Epidemiological study of chronic mountain sickness in natives of Spiti in greater Himalayas; Funded by DRDO Ministry of Defense GOI. Completed in Dec. 2012.

    a. Published paper on epidemiological study of CMS in natives of Spiti in High Altitude Medicine and Biology 2014
    b. Accepted for Publication in High altitude Medicine and Biology a paper on epidemiological study of HAPH in natives of Spiti.
    c. Invited to present paper on epidemiological study of CMS in natives of Spiti I International symposium on "Lung at high altitude organized by CSIR New Delhi and International society on Mountain Medicine and was appreciated by stalwarts in the field of High altitude medicine.
  • As the P.I. of study of " Feasibility and utility of high risk and population based approach for prevention and control of CV Risk utilizing the services of Primary health care in Mashobra Block" Funded by ICMR completed successfully in 2012.
  • Validation of Questionnaire based screening tool administered by parents, trained health workers and medical officers in randomly selected school children. Funded by NRHM; completed in 2014. ( paper being prepared for publication>)
  • As the Site PI for randomized cluster Intervention trial for prevention and control of Hypertension and other CV risk factors through lifestyle intervention using Anganwadi workers as the center for knowledge dissemination Coordinated by CCDC New Delhi and Funded by ICMR
    Guided more than 50 MD and DM Thesis since 1990.
  • Published papers in 4 International and about 15 in national journals.
  • Invited to deliver lecture on Epidemiological tends of RF/RHD in International Congress of Cardiology BITS 2in shanghai (China) on December 2010

Publications ;(Recent publications in last 5 Years)

  • Negi PC, Kaul U, Dev V, Bahl VK, Bajaj R. Arrhythmias & conduction defects in patients with Mitral valve prolapsed. A study based on ambulatory ECG monitoring & EPS, JAPI Vol. No.40(6):367-70,1992.
  • Vasan RS, Kaul U, Sanghvi S, Kamlakar T, Negi PC, Shrivastava S, Rajani M, Venugopal P, Wasir HS. Thrombolytic therapy for prosthetic valve thrombosis. A study on serial Doppler Echocardiographic evaluation. American Heart Journal Vol. 123 (6), 1575-80, June 1992.
  • Gupta DK, Negi PC, Patial RK, Bansal SK To compare the anti - ischemic effect of IS - 5Mn, Diltiazem and Metoprolol in patients of ischemic heart disease Indian Heart J. 1995 Sep-Oct;47(5):485-8.
  • J S Thakur, P C Negi, S K Ahluwalia, and N K Vaidya "Epidemiological survey of rheumatic heart disease among school children in the Shimla hills of northern India, prevalence & risk factors". Journal of epidemiology & community health Vol. 50:69-70, 1996.
  • Thakur JS, Negi PC, Ahluwalia SK, Sharma R. Integrated community based screening for cardiovascular diseases of the childhood. World Health Forum Vol. 18(1):24-27, 1997.
  • Aggarwal P, Patial RK, Negi PC, Marwaha R. Oral Tidalafil in pulmonary arterial hypertension: A prospective study. Indian Heart Journal Vol. 59 (4): 329-335, 2007.
  • P C Negi, Rajeev Bhardwaj, Arvind Kandoria, Sanjeev Asotra, Neeraj Ganju,Rajeev Merwaha, Rajesh Sharma, Anubhav Kanwar. "Epidemiological Study of Hypertension in Natives of Spiti Valley in Himalayas and Impact of Hypobaric hypoxia"; Cross sectional study. JAPI; J Vol. 60: 21-25.
  • Pagidipati NJ, Huffman MD, Jeemon P, Gupta R, Negi P, et al. (2013) Association between Gender, Process of Care Measures, and Outcomes in ACS in India: Results from the Detection and Management of Coronary Heart Disease (DEMAT) Registry. PLoS ONE 8(4): e62061. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0062061.
  • Prakash Chand Negi, Anubhav Kanwar, Renu Chauhan, Sanjeev Asotra, Jarnail Singh Thakur& Ashok Kumar Bhardwaj Epidemiological trends of RF/RHD in school children of Shimla in north India. Indian J Med Res 137, June 2013, pp 1121-1127.
  • Prakash Chand Negi, Sanjeev Asotra, Ravi Kumar V, Rajeev Merwaha, Arvind Kandoria, Neeraj Kumar Ganju, Rajesh Sharma, and Rajeev Bhardwaj. Epidemiological Study of Chronic Mountain Sickness in Natives of Spiti Valley in the Greater Himalayas. High Altitude Medicine & Biology. September 2013, 14(3): 220-229. doi:10.1089/ham.2012.1127. Volume: 14 Issue 3: September 25, 201.
  • Tulika Madaik, Prakash C Negi, Anita Padam, Urmil Gupta; Subclinical Systolic Dysfunction among newly diagnosed hypertensives with preserved left ventricular ejection fraction using two dimensional strain imaging method: Hospital based observational study. National Journal Of Medical Research. Volume 4, Issue1. Jan-March 2014, P 27-32.

Some other achievements:

  • Dr. Rajeev Bhardwaj was invited to present Challenging Cases in Transcatheter based interventions at TCT San Francisco California Sept 2013.
    Dr. P C Negi was selected for one Year Course on PH Leadership and Professional development in Rollins School of Public Health Emory University Atlanta Georgia USA. In May 2013 to April 2014.
    Dr. P C Negi was invited to Deliver Lecture on Time trends of RF/RHD in 2nd BITs International congress on Cardiology in Dec. 2010 in Shangai China.
    Dr. P.C. Negi is in the expert panel for Project review committee of ICMR New Delhi on Cardio vascular research.
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