• Department of Cardiology is actively engaged in various research projects since its inception ·
  • Research studies included supervising thesis work in terms of framing research questions, study designing, quality control measures for ensuring data quality in various specialties as Co-Guides ·
  • The research studies collaborated included hospital based and population based studies ·
  • For last 2 years or so Department of Cardiology is engaged in collaborative research in the field of basic sciences related to cardiovascular medicine mostly in the direction of mechanistic understanding of various cardiovascular diseases and Guided 5 research projects for M Sc. And M. Phil degree courses in Biotechnology of HP University.
  • Department has also involved in many National and International multicenter collaborative research;

    National Multi center studies

  • Under Task force research Projects funded by ICMR;
    • Jai Vigyan Mission Mode project for community Control of RF/RHD under Nodal Center PGI Chandigarh project funded by ICMR( 2002007-2009) Completed.
    • MACE Registry; To study the feasibility of establishing nationwide web based registry for ACS; coordinated and Funded by by ICMR;(2010-2011)
    • Diet and Lifestyle Intervention for Hypertension risk reduction through IEC activities using Anganwadi center as the center of knowledge dissemination. DISHA Trial being coordinated by CCDC New Delhi and Funded by ICMR since 2012 on going
    • Department of Cardiology was also one of the collaborating centers of research Project; DEMAT Trial, Detection, and management acute coronary syndrome coordinated. by CCDC New Delhi (2008-2009)


    As an Adhoc projects on;
  • “To study the feasibility and utility of high risk and population based approach in prevention and control of CVD utilizing primary health care services of Mashobra Block of Shimla. Funded by ICMR (2009-2011) Completed.
  • Epidemiological Study of Mountain Sickness, Cardiovascular risk and CVD among natives of Spity Valley in Greater Himalayas; Funded by DRDO Ministry of Defense Govt. of India(2009-2011)

International Collaborative studies

  • As a Collaborating Center for UMPIRE Trial; Use of Multi drug pill in reducing cardio vascular event Trial. Study   coordinated by Imperial College London   and funded by European Union (2010-2012) study completed.
  • As a Collaborative center for Inter-CHF Registry being coordinated and funded by PHRI McMaster University Ontario   Hamilton Canada. Since August 2013 ongoing.

Research Projects being undertaken by Department of Cardiology Being Funded by NRHM

  • ·Multicenter web based HP ACS( Acute Coronary Syndrome) Registry( Started since 2011 and continuing); to capture   information related to;
    • Demographic and Clinical characteristics of ACS cases
    • Awareness about symptoms of ACS
    • Mode of Transportation
    • Prehospital delay
    • Management practices
    • And in hospital outcomes
    • Identify gaps in quality of care
  • ·To study the sensitivity of trained health worker and Medical officers based screening for detection of heart diseases   among school children in Mashobra   Block in Shimla District.( since March 2013 on going.)
  • ·Tracking of suspected Streptococcal sore throat and Rheumatic fever) among school children using mobile based   data recording system by school   teachers.( started since March 2013 on going)



International Journals:

  • Epidemiological study of Chronic mountain sickness in the natives of Spiti Valley; High altitude medicine and biology
  • Prevalence of pulmonary hypertension among high altitude natives of Spiti valley; accepted for publication in Journal of High Altitude Medicine and Biology.
  • Association between Gender, Process of Care Measures, and Outcomes in ACS in India: Results from the Detection and Management of Coronary Heart Disease (DEMAT) Registry PLOS ONE April 2013 | Volume 8 | Issue 4 | e62061
  • Total occlusion of abdominal aorta and the severity of angiographically proved coronary artery disease. Singapore Med J. 2009;50(10)967-70
  • Effect of Fixed dose combination strategy on adherence and CV risk factors in patients with or at a high risk of CVD; The UPIRE Randomized clinical trial. JAMA 2013; 310(9):918-929.

National Journals:

  • Oral tadalafil in pulmonary artery hypertension –a prospective study . Indian Heart Journal Vol. 59 (4): 329-335, 2007.
  • Epidemiological Study of Hypertension in Natives of Spiti Valley in Himalayas and Impact of Hypobaric Hypoxemia; A Cross-Sectional Study JAPI June 2012 • VOL. 60
  • Myocardial dysfunction in human immune deficiency virus infection; An echocardiographic study. JAPI 2009;57:945-46
  • Prevalence, awareness and control of hypertension in rural communities of Himachal Pradesh. JAPI 2010; 58:42-29.
  • Transcoronary Pacing; Are the modern wires effective? Indian heart j 2009:61;160-2.
  • Coronary heart disease in rural population of Himachal –A population based study. JAPI 2009; 57:505-506.
  • Epidemiological trends of RF/RHD in school children of Shimla in north India Indian J Med Res 137, June 2013, pp 1121-1127

Case Report in Natonal Journals:

  • Pseudo aneurysm of left ventricle presenting as non-resolving pericardial effusion. Indian Med Assoc. 2008;106:39-40
  • A case of dual chamber pacemaker presenting with cross stimulation. MJAFI 2008; 64:288-290.
  • A Case of venous gangrene treated successfully with thrombolytic therapy and skin grafting. JAPI 2008;56:640-642
  • 4. Coronary artery spasm as a case of chest pain, re-elevation of ST segment and cardiogenic shock after PTCA. India Heart J 2009;61:188-190.
  • Hypothyroidism presenting as dilated cardiomyopathy. Bhardwaj R. MJAFI 2009;65:284-286
  • A case of left coronary to left atrial fistula presenting as recurrent chest infections. Indian J Cardiol 2008;34:33-34.
  • Acute renal failure with hyperkalemia presenting as recurrent syncope. MJAFI 2009;65:380-382.
  • Bifasicular block in graves hyperthyroidism. JIACM2009:2; 63.
  • Paget-von schrotter syndrome; JIACM 2009:3; 230.

Thesis Work for MD/MCH/DM degree under taken in the supervision of Faculty of Department of Cardiology

Year 1991-92 1993.

  • To Compare anti-ischemic affect of Isosorbode 5- mononitrate, Metoprolol and Diltiazem’: A Study based on serial Treadmill Exercise Test. Thesis submitted by Dr Dalip Gupta for Degree inMD Medicine.


  • Echocardiography evaluation of LV function in Diabetes; Thesis submitted by Dr Sanjeev Asotra for Degree of MD Medicine


  • Echocardiographic evaluation of Left Ventricular Function and Complications in Acute Myocardial Infarction. Submitted by Dr. Manjushree Gautam for degree of MD Medicine.
  • Epidemiological study of Coronary Heart Disease in the General population of Shimla Town. Thesis submitted by Dr Anita Verma for the degree of MD In PSM


  • Prevalence of Microvascular complications in patients of type 11 Diabetes ; Hospital based study. Thesis submitted by Dr Rajeev Merwaha for the degree of MD Medicine. 2005.
  • Prevalence of Post Operative Venous thromboembolism using Compression Ultrasonography Following Trauma to Spine and long bones of lower extremities; Submitted by Dr Nitin Gupta for the degree of MS In Orthopedics. · Role of Negative and Positive Emotional vital sign in Essential Hypertension. Thesis submitted by Sohan Singh for the degree of Master of Philosophy in Psychology.


  • Adolescents in Shimla; Part of MD thesis Department of PSM submitted by Dr Anjali Mahajan.
  • To compare the hemodynamic profile and Baroreceptor sensistivity in healthy Medical students with and without Family history of Hypertension. Thesis submitted by Dr Shivani Mahajan for the degree of MD in Physiology.
  • To study the Hemodynamic profile and preclinical atherosclerosis in newly diagnosed hypertensive Patients with and without metabolic syndrome; Hospital based study. Thesis submitted by Dr. Amit Sharma for the degree of MD in Medicine.
  • Clinical Profile of Patients with Deep Vein Thrombosis and use of Low Molecular Weight Heparins in the treatment of DVT; Hospital Based study. Thesis submitted by Dr Mohit Sharma for the degree of MD In Medicine.


  • Colour Doppler Velocimetry of central Retinal artery in Glucomatous and normal Subjects. Thesis submitted by Dr. Harmeet Singh Waraich for the degree of MS Opthalmology.
  • Effect of Systemic Administeration of HMG COA Reductase inhibitor Atorvastatin on Central Retinal Artery Flow dynamics, Intra Ocular Pressure and Visual Field Changes in Primary Open Angle Glucoma and Normal tension Glaucoma Patients. Thesis submitted by Dr. Deepak Kumar Sharma for the degree of MS Ophthalmology ·
  • Prevalence of Group A Streptococcus among School Children in Shimla District. Thesis submitted by Dr. Smriti Chauhan for the degree of MD Microbiology..


  • Utility of Pulse Oxymetry for screening of congenital Heart disease in Newborns; Thesis submitted by Dr. Hemant Gupta Department of Pediatrics
    To Study the Status of Periodontal diseasein patients with Coronary Artery Disease. Thesis submitted by Dr. Monika Joshi for the degree of MDS in Periodontology ·
  • Study of Clinical Profile of Patients with Acute Rheumatic Fever. Thesis submitted by Dr. Akshat Chandel for the degree of MD Pediatrics.


  • Echocardiographic study of Normatics of Mitral Valve. The thesis submitted by Dr. Vivek Kalia for the degree of MD Anatomy.
  • Clinical Profile of non ischemic systolic heart failure; Hospital based study. Thesis submitted by Dr. Subhash Chander for the degree of MD Medicine.


  • Safety and efficacy of high dose Rosuastatin on inducible myocardial ischemia and exercise capacity in patients with symptomatic CAD. Prospective observational study. Thesis submitted by Dr Atal Sood for the degree of MD in Pharmacology.
  • Prevalence of glucose dysregulation in non Diabetic Patients with CAD: Hospital based study. Thesis submitted by Dr. Rajendra.R. Gurnani for the degree of MD in Medicine.
  • To study the association of Chronic Periodontitis with Metabolic Syndrome: Case Control Study. Thesis submitted by Dr. Naresh Kumar for the degree of MDS in Periodontology ·
  • Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome and Carotid Intima Media Thickness in Type 11 DM; Hospital Based study. Thesis submitted by Dr. Prashant Panda for the degree of MD Medicine. ·
  • Study of Myocardial Viability in STEMI mPatients receiving Thrombolytic Therapy Through Delayed Contrast Enhanced Cardiac MRI Techneque. Thesis submitted by Dr. Vikas for the degree of MD Radiodiagnosis.


  • Comparative study of Telmisartan and Metoprolol on Endothelial function and Arterial Stiffness in newly diagnosed Hypertensive patients. Thesis submitted by Dr Minakshi Sumbria for the degree of MD Pharmacology.
  • To study the frequency of metabolic Syndrome and Carotid wall intimal medial thickness in patients of COPD its correlation with severity of COPD. Thesis submitted by Dr. Sandeep Chindhi for the degree of MD Medicine.


  • Association of High Sensitivity C RP and Blood Pressure and its risk determinant. Thesis submitted by Somesh Banerjee for the degree of Master of Science in Biotechnology.
  • Study of Left Ventricular Mass and its Determinants on Echocardiography. Thesis submitted by Dr. Namrata Guleri for the Degree of MD Anatomy.
    Study of Myocardial Strain and Systolic Dyssynchrony Index in Hypertensive’s with normal Systolic Function: Prospective Echocardiography based Case Control Study. Thesis submitted by Dr. Tulika Madaik for the degree of MD Physiology.
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