Department is providing outdoor, indoor and eyebank services. Also the department is providing services through various camps and involved in IEC activities, organised by the govt and NGO's.

Outdoor services: OPD block is located on the 3rd floor in new building (above the opd slip counters).

The OPD block constitutes following Rooms:
  •   611(a)- General OPD
  •   611(b)- Registrar OPD
  •   611(c)- Consultant OPD
  •   612- Squint Clinic and glaucoma Clinic
  •   613- Uveitis Clinic
  •   614- Perimetery Room
  •   615- Registration Room 616- FFA and fundus photograph room
  •   617- Minor OT
  •   619- Laser Procedures Room
  •   620 Refraction Room
  •   620(a)- Cornea Clinic
  •   621- Biometery and indirect Ophthalmoscopy room
  •   Seminar Room
  •   Patient waiting places

Various services provided at opd level are:

  •     Around 20000 Patients attend eye opd per year
  •    Diagnostic and treatment services are provided
  •   Laser treatments including Nd:Yag laser capsulotomy and double frequency posterior segment laser are provided
  •   Fluorescent fundus angiography and fundus photography facilities are provided
  •   Visual field charting(perimetery) with Octopus 900 is done
  •   Biometery and indirect ophthalmoscopy are performed
  •    IOP measurements with both schiotz and Applanation tonometery are done.
  •   Photoslitlamp is available in cornea clinic

Various Facilities available in the Department are :

  • Phacoemulsification( Under Topical Anaesthesia)
  • Premium iol/multifocal iols
  • Small incision cataract surgery
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • Squint surgery
  • Laser Photocoagulation
  • Oculoplasty
  • Ultrasound A and B scan
  • Automated Keratometry
  • Noncontact Tonometry
  • Automated Perimetry.
  • Fundusfluorescein angiography.
  • Optical coherence tomography(OCT)
  • Photoslitlamp Keratoplasty

Special clinics are run by the Deprtment as follows-

  • Cornea Clinic- Every Tuesday( 2-4 PM)
  • Deic Clinic : Every Wednesday
  • Glaucoma Clinic- every Thursday(2-4PM)
  • Retina Clinic Every Monday and Wednesday
  • ROP Screening Every Tuesday at KNH
  • Paediatric(Squint clinic)- Every Tuesday(9:30 to 4 PM)
  • Diabetic Clinic- Every Friday(2-4PM)

Indoor services:

  •   Indoor bed strength is: 25 beds in male eye ward and 18 beds in female eye ward. Operation theatre services
  •   Various eye surgeries are performed in routine and in emergency at Eye OT (OT no. 7)
  •   Around 2000 surgeries are performed ever year


  •    Eye bank is location- on 2nd floor above the opd slip counters towards left side.
  •   Came in to existence on 29th August, 2010
  •   Till date 76-enucleations has been done and 61- Corneal Transplantations has been done.
  •   Services are available round the clock


THE PROCESS HAS BEEN STARTED (Dr GC Rajput and Dr Vinod Kashyap are trained for the same at PGIMER Chandigarh) 


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