Year 2015 (Add) 

i)                    To study cerebral perfusion alterations during perictal phase in new onset seizure patients using pulsed arterial spin labeling MRI              sequence and comparison with perfusion sequence.

ii)                   To Study Evaluation of CT perfusion parameters in relation to severity of chronic liver diseases.

iii)                To Study MRI  characterization of indeterminate pulmonary nodules and masses.

iv)                To study Role of MR Enterography in small bowel disease.

v)                  To study role of NCCT KUB in predicting the success of ESWL and URSL in urinary calculi.


Year 2016  

i)                     Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI Perfusion Volumetrics In the Evaluation of Vertebral Pathology.   

ii)                  To compare diagnostic accuracy of contrast enhanced TI- weighted 3D Space with 3D Flair and 3D  MPRAGE  MR sequences in              patients being evaluated to know the complications of meningitis.

iii)                 Clinical, Radiological and Pathological correlation of Interstitial  lung disease.

iv)                 Role of advanced MRI Sequences in indeterminate adenexal masses.

v)                    Role of image guided Biopsy in non palpable breast lesions


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