The present Department of Radiotherapy & Oncology was created in 1977 as Tumor Clinic OPD No 2 and it grew to become an independent building in 1984.

  • First Radiotherapy equipment Gammarex-R was installed in 1986 with help of grant in aid from govt. of India.
  • On 5th May 1986 Radiotherapy treatment started in the Department.
  • Indoor ward facility was added with 25 beds in 1986
  • In 1989, a new manual after loading kits, form of Brachytherapy from BRIT Bombay were installed.
  • In 1993, another state of art equipment Selectron MDR/LDR was installed.
  • Another teletherapy room and ward were added in the year 1997-98.
  • Theratron – 780 E in 1999.
  • Granted the status of Regional Cancer Centre in the year 2001.
  • A 3-D Treatment Planning System (Plato) and Mammography were made available in 2002.
  • In the year 2003, Medical Council of India gave the authority to train the Doctors for Post Graduate degree MD in Radiotherapy & Oncology.
  • Iridium Wire Preparation System for interstitial implant, Mould Room and Patient Contour Plotter were added to the departmental armamentarium in 2003.
  • Styrofoam HEK 3 D system was installed in the year 2004.
  • SPECT Gamma Camera was also added in 2005.
  • A new teletherapy machine, Equinox-80 added in 2010.
  • Construction of the newly building for the State of Art technology LINAC is under the process.
  • Procurement of Radiotherapy Simulator and Commencement of Teleradiotherapy facility is in process, going to start shortly.
Department has a separate indoor unit with strength of 50 beds. Clinical services provided are Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Brachytherapy and Nuclear Medicine facility. The department is also involved in cancer prevention Programs. Annual indoor admissions are 2300; Annual New Patient OPD attendance is 2400. Procedures performed annually are nearly 2000 (including FNACs, ascitic and pleural tap, bone marrow biopsy and PAP smears.)
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