NCERT Class 12 Flamingo My Mother At Sixty Six

This post covers NCERT Class 12 Flamingo My mother at sixty six poem. This post will be really helpful for the students who are currently in CBSE class 12 and preparing for the CBSE class 12 exam. As this poem is a part of the CBSE curriculum, it can also be beneficial for other students who are preparing for other exams. Flamingo my mother at sixty six is the first poem of the CBSE class 12 book Flamingo. We will try to cover different things in this one post such as my mother at sixty six MCQ, my mother at sixty six, summary in Hindi. My mother at sixty six solutions and others.

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Flamingo my mother at sixty six

Flamingo My Mother at Sixty Six

My mother at sixty six is a poem written by Kamala Das. Kamala Das was born in the year 1939 in Malabar, Kerala and died in the year 2009. She was one of the most renowned poets from India. Her work was original, versatile and her writing especially showcase her love for her homeland. Kamala Das has published many novels and short stories in the English and Malayalam language under the name of Madhavikutty. Hew work in English includes the novel Alphabet of Lust, a short collection of stories Padmavati the Harlot and Other Stories written in the year 1992 other than her five books of poetry. She is a sensitive writer who can capture even the smaller details of human relationships in form of prose. An example of such a talent is My mother at sixty six.

NCERT Flamingo My Mother at Sixty Six

Driving from my —————————————————————-smile and smile.

The author explains that she is travelling in a car as she has to catch a flight to Cochin. She is travelling with her old mother.
The author explains last Friday when she was driving from her parent’s home to Cochin, she noticed her mother sitting beside her. Her mother was sleeping in the car, while her mouth was open and her face was faded and she compared her mother’s face with that of a corpse, which had lost blood and all the shine in it, she was well aware of the pain that now she was an old lady and she is old and looks old as well.
She stopped thinking about her mother for a while and started looking outside the window. She saw the trees running in the opposite direction, she means while she was travelling in the car and she was looking at the tree it was looking like that these trees are running in the opposite direction, small children coming out of their houses.
When the author reached the airport security check, she was standing a few yards away from her, her mother was looking pale and colourless at that time. She was looking like a late winter’s moon. The author felt her pain and her oldness, she again felt her childhood fear of losing her mother but even after that, she said that she will see her soon. Then the author couldn’t speak a word and all she can do was smile back at her amma.

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